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Stand Up Paddle Board in Toronto this Summer!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Get Social with SUPGirlz! Enjoy the lake and meet new people by booking a stand up paddle board (SUP) class today.

We want to see you back on the water. Here’s what’s on tap right now at Kew-Balmy Beach:

Start your day with a spectacular sunrise on the water!

Not an early-bird? Sunset is also a beautiful time to catch those views.

Take a midday tour for some sunshine and warmth.

One of the coolest ways to experience the lake!


Get the best seat in town for Canada Day fireworks - limited spots available to book in advance for this special night SUP on July 1.

You asked, we answered - new SUP SURF classes are also now available!

Learn the board basics, lake safety & a strong SUP stroke for fun times on the waves!

Bonus: If you’ve taken our intro class before and your friend books an intro class this summer, you can join for free! Send Janna an email to redeem this offer.

Included in all classes & rentals are a board, paddle, PFD, and board leash, and if you’re in a class, we’ll share awesome photos of you on the water! Classes and rentals are weather-dependent - we will reschedule in case of inclement weather or high winds. Beginner Class and/or confident SUP experience required for social and night classes.

About SUPGirlz: Established in 2008, SUPGirlz is Toronto’s leader in teaching people how to SUP! We love teaching and are passionate about growing Toronto’s community of Stand Up Paddle boarders, SUP surfers, and SUP racers. We strive to provide you with the best quality experience for your first time lesson, offer a variety of fitness and social drop-in paddling classes, teach you how to surf on a stand up paddle board, and run a variety of certifications, workshops and fun events throughout the summer! We also offer best rental fleet in all of Toronto! We operate from the beginning of June to the mid or end of September and are located in “The Beaches” (Queen St East) at Kew-Balmy beach Hubbard Blvd and Maclean Ave and have classes and adventure tours in other areas of Toronto. Don’t be fooled by our name, we welcome everyone to come out with us!

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Oct 27, 2023

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Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Aug 07, 2023

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Antonio Walters
Antonio Walters
Jul 26, 2023

Make sure to keep color theory in mind, and don't overdo it. Try to limit your color palette to 3-5 colors, including white and black.

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