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Learn to surf
easily with SUP

All while having fun!

The first step is to start with a SUP lesson. Learn some board basics, lake safety & a strong SUP stroke for windy times!

After that class you can attend a flat water sup surf class!


Flat water SUP surf classes

We'll introduce you to the basics of the sport including: safety, positioning, techniques, surf styles, and what is needed to stay safe. All levels welcome & each class will be different depending on conditions and participants experience levels. Keep coming out and you will be more ready each time!  

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Who are we?

Established in 2008, SUPGirlz is Toronto’s leader in teaching people how to SUP!  Our head instructor and owner, Janna, has been teaching surfing for more than 10 years now. She coaches year-round and spends her colder months in Ecuador while traveling to contests internationally each year too. 


Why learn to surf with a SUP?

SUP surfing is a great way to get the muscle memory of the surfing glide and balance easily. The bigger board and paddle help in keeping you from falling while you are getting that muscle memory. Once comfy surfing on the SUP boards it's a much easier way to transition onto other boards for surfing. Most longboard learning to surf takes a couple years. SUPsurfing's curve is much shorter due to many factors. Come give it a try! Learning to surf got easier!


SUP basic confidence builder



SUP Surf Flat Water Surf Training



surf, race, or downwind



Private 1 on 1 training


Book social class
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Contact Information

Get in touch with us quickly through our direct line. We're based in Toronto, Kew Balmy Beach. If you're in a rush reach out via our Instagram page or call. The chat box is also active most days on our website. 

18 Maclean Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2Z9




Take the first step to learn to SUP & get surfing soon!

Join us in Toronto during Summer & practice your Stand Up Paddle skills with friends!

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