Janna’s Favourite Things

If you’ve been down to SUPGirlz you’ve probably seen me use these items, or recommend them, or both. Here are my current favourite things!

1. Getting Balanced

Dear friends: you need this Blue Planet Board Trainer! I have been through so many of the balance boards on the market over the past 15 years and this one is by far the best and the most fun. You can try it out with me on classes at SUPGirlz but I think you really must have one for your home. It is addicting (in a good way) and everyone can use it, as the levels are adjustable. You can keep it easy as a standing desk or challenge yourself getting in turns and squats. The perfect gift for any board sport enthusiast!

2. The Perfect Paddle

I can’t go back to a crappy paddle and neither should you! Having a cheap paddle is way worse than a cheap board. It is your motor, and you want it to feel smooth, and light as a feather to maximize your love of the water. Get Taiga’s Paddle Elite and you’ll never want to touch another paddle again!

3. A Lighter Way to Travel

This year’s SUP inflatables are lighter and more compact! Want to impress your friends and keep things light when travelling? Check out this board from Canadian brand Taiga, and be the envy of us all: Taiga’s small packed inflatable board, the NANO.

4. This Season’s “It” Bag

Must haves for the water always include a dry bag: get one at a great price and with style and two straps so you can wear it as a backpack! I love this awesome Taiga dry bag.

5. Cultivating a Blue Mind

All water lovers will love the book Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols. Justify your time on the water and get to know why it is so good for you. This book brings together many sciences to show you why your mind lights up, your more creative, and can heal and de-stress while on, in, or even around water.

6. Knowing Where the Wind Blows

Knowing how to plan ahead and read the weather is a must, especially when you paddle on Lake Ontario. There are many apps out there, but I recommend checking the wind and rain forecast for Toronto via WindGuru. Just look for white or light blue colours for calm wind times ahead!

7. Being Your Instructor!

From regulars who have been with me for 14 years, to those that come across SUPGirlz by chance, I’m inspired by you! See you on the water soon!

Register for rentals and classes now at SUPGirlz.com.

p.s. Advanced classes are up and running for those wanting to surf, increase your skills, or have some extra fun on the water!


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