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SUP is super fun and everyone should give it a try but there are a couple things you should know beforehand to make it an enjoyable first experience.

What is SUP?

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard and originated in Hawaii with big wave surfer like Laird Hamilton but has grown for over 10 years now and people are falling in love on lakes, rivers, stream, pools, and oceans worldwide!

Will I be able to SUP?

Yes! It is kinda like learning to ride a bike, you will get it and be fine!

We welcome people of all fitness levels to try out SUPing, but:

  • All students must be able to swim.

  • Students need to be 10 years old for group classes (or register with a parent in a private class)

How do I sign up?

A full listing of class times can be found here. You need to sign the waiver and pay on our system, pick your class, and register in the same transaction.

How much does it cost?

A full listing of our rates can be found on our here.

Where do we meet? How do I get there?

We meet at 18 Maclean ave but on the side yard on Hubbard Blv, not the front of the house. Look  for us in the yard facing the beach. Make sure you come to the street, not looking from the boardwalk. We also have an older white Volvo station wagon you can see from the boardwalk, on Hubbard, sometimes with boards on top. Look for the Taiga flag in the house back yard too. Check link below. 

Directions for Hubbard & Maclean (Kew Balmy Beach):

Check out the location here : Google Maps Link

Are there change rooms? Are there bathrooms? Can I lock stuff up?

There are change rooms and bathrooms at the Kew Balmy location but they are, almost, a 10 minute walk away. Please take this into consideration and be early for your class time. We do not have change rooms or bathrooms where we are meeting you, however, we can lock up stuff for you. There is plenty of places to lock up bikes too. 

How should I dress?

Yoga clothes, wetsuits, & bikinis are all appropriate. Wear what you will feel the most comfortable in if you are wet. Shorts, tank top, and maybe a windbreaker will work too.

  • June: the water is still quite cold. You can wear a wetsuit or just shorts and a windbreaker. Wear what you think you'd want to wear. We are not trying to get you wet, quite the opposite. 

  • July & August: It’s summer! Come in your bathing suit or yoga clothes.. Whatever you are comfortable in. Just remember you will probably get a bit wet sitting on the board at least.

  • September: the water is getting colder. You can wear a wetsuit or just the neoprene booties on your feet. Specialized clothing is also an option.


What should I bring with me?

Please bring your cell phone in case you are running behind or lost. A change of clothes and towel in case you get wet. Sunglasses are not permitted in Beginner classes but hats are. If you need your glasses to see, please bring something that will keep them on your face if you fall in the water. Bring some drinking water and some natural sunblock or maybe even a windbreaker if you get a bit cold easily. 

How will I get my photos after?

We will AIRdrop after the class for those with IPhones or email the photos to your email address used for booking the class within 24 hours.

What if my class was canceled?

Due to weather and water conditions, we may need to cancel a class up to 2 hours prior to start of class in which case you will be credited and can reschedule a class. We want you to have the best possible experience – it’s not fun to learn in high winds and choppy waters. Sometimes these conditions exist even if it’s sunny and warm out.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

If you need to cancel a class, you can do so in the system on your own, with a minimum of 8 hours notice. If you need to reschedule after a cancelled class please contact us with your chosen class for us to enter you in the system. 

What if I have my own SUP board? 

We offer discounts for people with their own boards on the sup refresher classes. However, we do have over 15 different boards for you to try and keep up to date with the newest boards. You will be able to advance more quickly if you try lots of different ones!

Can I book a lesson for my own group? 

We love getting groups of people together that already know each other for team building, bachelorettes, birthdays, or other special occasion fun. Email us for group pricing – 

Can I bring my child?

Private lessons for you and your child (under 100lbs) to learn together can be booked under a 1hr private class.

Are dudes welcome?

Of course, everyone is welcome to SUP with us. We are a LGQBT+ safe space for everyone.


Are lifejackets provided?

Yes, but we do ask that adult humans know how to swim & children should wear their own lifejacket that fits proper is best., please bring one if they do not know how to swim yet. We have lifejackets for dogs, all sizes. Cats are permitted without lifejackets on leash. 

Only the SUP expert kitty, Mango,  then you are exempt from rules on the SUP. He likes to go board to board at sunrise class. ;) 

Can I learn to surf too?

Yes! We love to teach surfing! We can determine your level and get your started into our program for surfing with a basics SUP class. The path of progression starts with a SUP basics class then a flat water SUPsurf class. Come check them out and make the step to surfing the lakes. It is a great community here and O so fun!! 

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What equipment will I use?

Included in all classes or rentals is the SUP board and paddle, leash, and PFD. 

We offer new boards from Taiga SUP company out of Montreal. Canada designed with super cool style, check them out here: link

We have a range of boards from 7'2 to 14ft that are used for different conditions. As a beginner you will be given an easy board to get your balance and you can try others the more you come out. Switching up boards really helps you get better faster and more knowledgeable with boards and paddles.

Come for a class for all the info & try them out! 
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