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SUPGirlz Summer 2021 in Review

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

As SUPGirlz Season 14 winds down, I want to sincerely thank everyone who came down to the beach this summer.

Even in a year with smaller class sizes for additional safety, we had over 500 new folks join us in Toronto, whether for certification, a social class, a paddleboard rental, or their very first SUP experience. I’m continually inspired by every person, new or experienced, who engages with the sport, and finds peace in the water. I'm thankful too for the local love we felt this year. I hope you continue to incorporate ‘blue mind’ and beach love into your routines as much as possible.

We’ll still be open through September, weather-permitting: please keep an eye on the schedule to take advantage of warm fall days. We'll include new times for sunrise and night SUP, some of the most beautiful hours you'll ever have on the lake.

To those that are jumping right into new challenges at school and work: thank you again, and see you next year!



A few summer 2021 highlights: exploring the east-end beaches, advanced classes and surf training, SUP with PUP, full moon paddles, and weekday mornings with the sunrise crew.

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