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Established in 2008, SUPGirlz is Toronto’s leader in teaching people how to SUP! We love teaching and are passionate about growing Toronto’s community of Stand Up Paddle boarders, SUP surfers, and SUP racers. We strive to provide you with the best quality experience for your first time lesson, offer a variety of fitness and social drop-in paddling classes, teach you how to surf on a stand up paddle board, and run a variety of certifications, workshops and fun events throughout the summer! We also offer best rental fleet in all of Toronto! We operate from the beginning of June to the mid or end of September and are located in “The Beaches” (Queen St East) at Kew-Balmy beach – Hubbard Blvd and Maclean Ave and have classes and adventure tours in other areas of Toronto. Don’t be fooled by our name, we welcome everyone to come out with us!


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    I grew up in Florida but didn’t get into surfing until after having a fun and successful city life in Toronto. I took a couple months surfing in Costa Rica and realized that things needed to change for me, somehow to get back to the beach permanently. With that mindset, things changed. I was exposed to SUP early on in 2006 in Maui. I instantly wanted to spend more time on the boards and thought of getting people out in Toronto, on the lake. I finished my yoga teacher training in 2008 and started SUPGirlz in Toronto the same year. Since then I've trained and taught in Ecuador most of the year and summers in Toronto, promoting the sport of SUP in both countries. I still absolutely love getting people to fall in love with SUP, surf, and being on the water. 

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    Born in Toronto, Diana lives for adventure, the great outdoors and sunrise SUP sessions! You can find her paddling all year round (yes, even in the winter - you can ask her about that). Diana is also a librarian and a reporter for Get Out There Magazine. Check out some of her reviews which includes SUP events like SUP4MS and Paddle 4 The Cure. Diana spent several years paddling competitively in dragon-boat, but now enjoys SUP adventures locally and abroad, on rivers and on oceans. See what she’s (S)UP to on Instagram or Twitter.



        Any chance I get you can find me in the water!  Lake, Ocean, River, Bay or bath tub I’m there splashing around and trying new tricks. Being active for over 10 years now with Yoga, Pilates, Running, Tap Dance and Swimming, I started Surf & SUP’ing back in 2011 as a social adventure and have never looked back!  My fav. thing about SUP’ing is trying new things and falling into the water.  Every time you fall, the braver you get the more tricks you can do, the better surfer you are.  At least that is my thought, so when you come out splash away and get into the water!



          Like any rebellious prairie kid, Charlotte’s been drawn to paddling and surfing since she was a little girl. After paddling canoes and sea kayaks for decades, she’s never looked back after paddling her first SUP board (which was an ancient Alpha windsurf board) and then, catching her first wave.Charlotte is a cross country skier and a long-ago mountain bike a racer and she is dedicated to sharing the empowerment of fitness, sports and outdoor adventure with other women. A former SUPGirlz student, she sees the confidence and pure joy SUP brings to everyone, regardless of their background, experience or athletic abilities and is enthusiastic ambassador of the sport.  Her kids borrow her skateboard, but they know better than to touch her pretty little purple board without her permission.


            Pisces baby Robin has been frolicking in the water since she was tinier than she is now. Born and raised in Toronto, she has been surfing Great Lake and Ocean waves since 2006, paddle boarding since 2009,  and has a wealth of local geographical knowledge. She won’t only teach you how to pop up and paddle, but she’ll also show you how to read the water, waves, and the weather conditions so you can get out there safely to rip and ride.Robin is one of the first women to surf the breaks in the Greater Toronto Area, and is also the first Asian-Canadian member of the Wyldewood Surf Club – one of the oldest surf clubs on the Great Lakes. In addition to this, she’s also a member of the Eastern Surf Association, won 1st place in Women’s Overall in the 2013 Lake Huron Fresh Water Classic, won 2nd Women’s in the 2013 Gales of November Magilla Schauss Memorial Contest (Lake Erie), and has been the enthusiastic “shop girl” selling surf and SUP gear and been instructing beginner SUP techniques with Surf Ontario for 4 years and now with SUPGirlz too!



              I love the water, and have ever since my Mother enrolled me in swimming lessons before I could speak. As a child I wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid when I grew up and as a SUP teacher I feel I’ve actually accomplished that goal in a roundabout way. Finding SUP was a way for me to connect back to my water roots and satisfy my interest in yoga, positive intention setting and paddling around in the water. The SUP community are the most gracious and supportive gang you’ll ever meet, and while you’ll learn so much about paddling you’ll also make friends and learn about our beautiful great lakes by osmosis. I believe SUP can transform your mind, body and soul in the most miraculous and positive ways and I cannot wait to share that gift with my students!

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              Gold Medalist from Ecuador that trains with us during the summer. This summer he is training for SUP Race in the Panamericas in Peru. Carlos is the Ecuadorian champ for SUP Race & SUP Surf. 


              Born a Maritimer, Sarabeth grew up around the North Atlantic waters between New Brunswick and Nunavut. While working a tour guide in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, she was introduced to yoga by a group of hikers in 2004. Slowly but surely she developed her own practice, taking it with her to let it simmer as she moved her life to Spain for a few years. Finally, in 2011, she completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in Ottawa. This kicked off her life as a yoga teacher, sharing a light-hearted practice with the yogis in her classes. While she had dipped many a paddle and oar into the water from the comfortable seats of kayaks and row boats, it was only when she transplanted to Toronto that she tried the likes SUP. The immediate smile that appeared on her face reflected in her heart, and she knew she was hooked. She has completed WPA, Paddle in Fitness and Yoga Alliance training. Sarabeth's Instagram


              Helwo! I'm a Border Collie and the official SUP pupbassador of the team!
              You can find me SUPervising my guardian Matthew, who is a certified Transport Canada drone operator. Together, we create some of the cool videos you see with the woofsiteAre you wanting to get out on the water with your hooman too? Check out the Special Events page for doggo  & hooman activities. Matthew' & Quinn's instagram


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