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The Magic of SUPing at Sunrise

SUPGirlz is kicking off its season in a few short weeks and what a better way to celebrate than to hit the board right when the sun comes up! While 5:30am paddles seem scary to some, you’ll be glad you didn’t hit the snooze button for a number of reasons.

  1. The calm before the storm

We all know Toronto is a busy city. Even in the midst of a pandemic, by 8am people are hustling down the streets, traffic is buzzing, and construction projects are pounding away. One of the best things about a sunrise SUP is the illuminating quiet before the city wakes up. You can actually hear the gentle waves hit the Lake Ontario shoreline and the soft wind buzzing by your ear. A perfect time to meditate and to truly appreciate the city’s shoreline and skyline in its mesmerizing slumber.

2. The colours!

It goes without saying that sunrises are breathtaking. But sunrises on the waters of Lake Ontario? A different level of beautiful! At first, you’ll paddle before the sun cracks and slowly, the horizon will show you captivating oranges, purples, pinks, yellows. And the best part? The water mirrors it, amplifying the gorgeous moments that will make you want to take out your phone for some epic photoshoots, all against the iconic Toronto skyline!

3. The accomplishment

Sunrise SUPs are a great way to feel accomplished, to fit in a workout, and to set the day’s intention, all before life kicks in. No matter how easy or hard it is for you to get on the board, you can be proud of making it and treating your mind, body, and soul so early in the day. The bonus? You still have time to enjoy a delicious brunch from one of the great food spots in the Beaches!

While these are some pretty convincing reasons, it’s impossible to put into words the magical feeling of paddling at sunrise in Toronto. To experience it for yourself, book a session with SUPGirlz today!

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