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SUP101! Learn to Paddleboard this Summer

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

What to expect when you stand up paddleboard with SUPGirlz Toronto

My first time on a SUP board was years ago, well before they were trendy, or even available to rent.

It was glorious. I was hooked.

This summer is the perfect time to SUP: a socially-distanced yet community grounded way to engage with your environment, boost your mental health and wellbeing, and learn a fun new skill (screen-free!).

Like Riding a Bike, but On the Water

Our goal is to give you a positive first experience. And I firmly believe you need to have a good coach present for your first time on a board. SUPGirlz staff will be there to teach, guide and encourage throughout your entire first lesson. And if you fall off, water is much softer than pavement!

What to expect your first time in class:

  • Instruction on land to get to know your coach, and others in the class.

  • A thorough pre-SUP introduction to the essential basics, including board types, paddling techniques, safety guidelines, and how to understand and respect the weather lake conditions.

  • Demonstrated moves on the water, and 1:1 support to get you standing - which you will!

  • Small-class SUP instruction in protected water.

It's important that you know how to swim, but otherwise no previous experience is necessary!

Please bring a mask to wear before and after class. We recommend wearing swim or athletic clothing, and bringing along:

  • A towel, and a change of clothes

  • Water, a snack, and sunscreen

Please don’t bring any valuables. Belongings will be stored during class.

You can read our 2021 COVID-19 screening guidelines, here.

Become a Regular

You can’t learn an entirely new sport in one class, but you can feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement. After your first class or refresher, take it to the next level by committing to class passes or courses for the summer.

The benefits of a committed SUP practice include:

  • Increased confidence on the board

  • Regular time on the water

  • Experiencing different times of day and conditions (including sunrise and sunset classes)

  • Exploring the lake!

  • Increased fitness

  • Connection with like-minded people

  • Skills that may take you into new areas of the sport, and even lead to new travel and career experiences

As Toronto’s first established professional stand up paddleboard instructor, I have trained many teachers and introduced many students to the sport. I founded SUPGirlz because I love being on the water, and I’m committed to teaching others how to enjoy SUP safely, and in a way that (hopefully) makes it a life-long passion.We are passionate about growing Toronto’s community of Stand Up Paddle-boarders, SUP surfers, and SUP racers, and showing how SUP is fun for people for all ages!

Our certified SUPGirlz team is ready to meet you. If you’ll be in Toronto this summer, hop on over here and sign up today.

-Janna Van Hoof, Owner, SUPGirlz

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