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Five Reasons to Take a SUP Lesson

These days you can buy a paddleboard pretty much anywhere, and it’s tempting to get on the water without a second thought.

And we’ve heard all the reasons to avoid or skip a lesson: I can learn from YouTube, I know how to kayak, I can’t leave my dog alone…(to this one we say, bring them with you!).

Even if you’ve been paddling for a while, you can still benefit and learn from a guided Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) class. We spoke to a long-time SUPGirlz community member and an instructor to give you the scoop.

Five reasons to take a SUP lesson:

1. Equipment

A certified SUP school like SUPGirlz will have high-quality boards, paddles, and safety devices so that you can learn confidently with the best tools available, and try out different board styles (see our blog on board types).

2. Safety

Do you know how to read wind and water conditions? The safest places to paddle in your local lake or river? What gear you need to meet local safety standards? Working with a certified instructor ensures you’re learning essential safety skills from the beginning.

3. Access to Experts

SUPers of all levels are going to have questions --- take a lesson and learn from the best! Plus, you'll receive personalized tips and guidance.

"SUP instructors are trained professionals; we’ll be able to see things you might be missing," says SUPGirlz instructor Shannon Parrett. "We’ll help you become more efficient on the water leaving energy for longer paddles and adventures. We’ll keep you safe from hazards and educate you on water safety. We’ll correct your form, balance, and stroke all while keeping you smiling, relaxed and safe. And most importantly, we’ll help you level up so you feel confident on the water."

4. Skills

We can get you standing in your first lesson, but like any sport it’s important to build a solid foundation to avoid injuries, and increase efficiency on the water. At SUPGirlz we even offer advanced classes for those looking to level up.

"I preach to everyone the importance of hiring a coach when starting something new," adds Shannon. "Especially Stand-Up Paddleboarding. It is known that an instructor can help you accomplish your goals eighty-percent better and three times faster, leaving you more time to fall in love with the sport, and less time falling in the water!"

5. Community

Have fun and learn from your SUP community! The SUPGirlz community grows every year, and by taking lessons you’ll be in good company whether you’re looking to enjoy a sunrise paddle, compare notes on the best new boards, or get into racing shape.

"I started stand-up paddleboarding ten years ago with a beginner’s class and my love for the sport grew immediately," says SUPGirlz community member Becki Kimpton. "My favourite part of taking lessons is all the amazing individuals you meet along the way, all with a similar passion for the sport. Having that community on the water not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to build lasting friendships."

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