IMG_0770[1] SUPer FUN Event News!

AUGUST 28, SUNDAY at Ashbridges Bay/ Woodbine Park with us and ROXY!

$5 registration for 5k Run or 1k SUP or Yoga class- you can even do all 3!

Every women registered gets a hat and/or towel. Sign up now at


August SUP Race / SUP Surf Series.  #1 Tuesday nights and #2 (intermediate to advanced level) on Sunday nights at 6:30PM. Detailed class breakdown available SUP Race / SUP Surf Series 1 -&- SUP Race / Surf Series 2.

SUPGirlz Kids Camp 2016

Introducing our first ever SUPGirlz Kids Camp – Sign-up and reserve a spot for your future GROM; we’re offering a single-day camp as well as a 5-day camp. SUPGirlz Kids Camp isn’t just for girls – any child ages 8 -15 can be registered.


*  SUPGirlz has 2 locations:

#1. Hubbard Blvd & Maclean Ave. (IN RED)  

#2, Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club (IN YELLOW)









Hubbard & Maclean location is technically 18 Maclean Ave but we meet people across the street in the park on the 4 sided green bench. There are no bathrooms or change rooms at this location. We can lock things up. This is where all our First time classes happen and a lot of other classes too. This location is used for rentals.

ABYC location has SUP fitness (yoga, bootcamp, pilates) and SUP social classes but there are no rentals. There are bathrooms, free parking, wifi, a restaurant with a nice look out, and we can lock things up.  More info on the location can be found at


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Standup paddle boarding started in Hawaii and has quickly been picking up popularity since the early 2000’s. It uses a surf style board and a long paddle for a fun and relaxing way to play in the water! It can be done in all kinds of water including flat lakes, rivers, and the ocean (or even Lake Ontario on certain days) to catch some surf style waves!

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO149036_560342157339021_865189650_nIMG_2832 Standup paddle boarding offers a full-body workout! With regular practice you can expect to tone and strengthen your stomach, arms, legs, and back muscles, improve your balance, and regulate your breathing with your paddle strokes. With the views of the water and your interactions with nature, it also relieves stress, increases your mental well-being and gives you an overall blissful feeling! The best part is that it is accessible to all fitness levels and so much fun!


Established in 2008, SUPGIRLZ is Toronto’s leader in teaching people how to SUP! We love teaching and are passionate about growing Toronto’s community of Stand Up Paddlers, SUP surfers, and SUP racers. We strive to provide you with the best quality experience for your first time lesson, offer a variety of fitness and social drop-in paddling classes, teach you how to surf on the stand up paddle board, and run a variety of certifications, workshops and fun events throughout the summer! We also offer best rental fleet in all of Toronto! We operate from the beginning of June to the mid or end of September and are located in “the beaches” (Queen St East) at Kew-Balmy beach – Hubbard Blvd and Maclean Ave and also a 2nd location (not used for first time classes) at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club. Don’t be fooled by our name, we welcome everyone to come out with us!