Wetsuit review for summer 2018

Summer is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to start looking into gear so you’re fully prepped for the season. Keeping yourself warm and comfortable (and safe!) is the key to enjoying water sports to their full extent. Check out this summer gear guide to get you rolling.

With so many wetsuits options it can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at.  For colder seasons you’re going to want a thicker suit as as it warms up you can start removing layers. (Suns out, buns out they say) 


Roxy Syncro Plus 5/4/3 : This is a great suit if you want all the bells and whistles. At a 5/4/3 thickness this is great for kicking off the season in. A hood and knee pads will keep you extra comfortable as you hit the water.

Roxy Syncro Plus 5/4/3

Roxy Syncro plus 3/2 has the same performance features as the 5/4/3 but lighter. I’m loving this Navy and Coral combo.

Roxy Syncro plus 3/2

The Performance Chest Zip Suit 3/2 comes in this awesome teal and grey colour, but it’s really the features that me drooling. The thermal fleece lining on the legs and the arms trap body heat in and drainage holes keep water out.

Roxy Performance Chest Zip Suit 3/2

The wetsuits from Janga mostly come in a 4mm thickness, so this is the way to go if you’re looking for a solid suit to take you into the cooler fall weather. Another bonus, the incredible colour selection- if you want your suit to match the stunning sunsets, I’d recommend these, honestly I’d be stoked to wear any and all of these bad boys. These suits are precision built so feel free to test them out in the biggest waves.

Janga Wetsuits 

The Hurley Advantage plus full suit 3/2 wetsuits are getting rave reviews as a really comfortable suit with less absorbent knee pads. I’m really digging the solar red colour that has me feeling super Pink Power ranger vibes.

Hurley Advantage plus full suit 3/2

For when the temps heat up there’s nothing better than a 2mm front zip spring suit. The flexibility of this piece makes it an all round summer essential. You get a little bit of warmth if you’re in the water and having a front zip really is a saviour if you’re planning on just paddling around post surf in the sun and need to cool down . These springsuits from Roxy and Billabong and are great on their own or layered with a pair of surf leggings if you’re hitting the waves.

Roxy 2mm pop surf long sleeve front-zip springsuit

Billabong saltydayz-long-sleeve-springsuit


A back zip spring suit is perfect if you plan on being in the water all day and don’t need the flexibility or fuss of a front zip.

Ripcurl dawn-patrol-ls-springsuit

Where would we be if we couldn’t toast our buns a little in the sun. These cheeky pieces from Amuse Society are adorable and on the list of must haves this summer.

Amusesociety grazie-long-sleeve-neoprene-cheeky-one-piece

Amuse Society amudra-queens-long-sleeve-neoprene-one-piece

Amusesociety Nalu Neoprene crop vest

My 1mm Surf Leggings are my favourite accessory hands down. With the ability to wear them on their own with a bikini top for paddling days to being able to layer them with my spring suit, I wouldn’t go a summer without a pair of these. Billabong has a lighter version with an SPF of 50 that can also double as yoga pants.

Roxy 1mm-pop-surf-scallop-surf-leggings

Billabong fresh-vibes-pant

Layering pieces is so so key. Surf jackets are great to wear with neoprene shorts, bikini bottoms or layered over your spring suits. Having one of these on hand is perfect when you need something extra.

Roxy 1mm-pop-surf-scallop-long-sleeve-neoprene-front-zip-jacket

Billabong womens-wetsuits-jackets/surf-capsule-peeky-jacket

Sleeveless spring suits are a gals best friend. Essentially a warmer version of the bathing suit these are perfect for everything.

Billabong womens-wetsuits-springsuits/sleevless-springsuit

Ripcurl g-bomb-15mm-long-jane

Shorty shorts. Who doesn’t love some water proof bottoms? I’m really digging the Dakine Boyshorts and these cheeky scalloped shorts from Roxy.

dakine 1mm-neo-boyshort-womens


Rash guards are great if you need something to protect your skin from the rays and the waves.With a water wicking material and an SPF of 50 these are a SUP essential.  Roxy has some great designs this year that look deceptively like T Shirts.


Roxy enjoy-waves-loose-fit-long-sleeve-upf-50-rashguard

The Dakine Water Jacket is a new addition to their line, with an SPF of  50, water wicking material made for rapid drying this piece would be perfect to take on a water to land adventure Dakine freedom-front-zip-hoodie-womens

Don’t forget your booties! When the water is chillier the last thing you want is a foot cramp because your little piggies are freezing. Just like with the suits, booties come in a range of thickness. Keep in mind, the thicker the boot the less toe gripping range you’ll have so it helps to have a couple of pairs on hand (or foot). I’m a fan of the Roxy 1mm for an all round summer bootie and the 3mm for longer days out in the surf.

Roxy 1mm-syncro-reef-walker-surf-boots  Roxy 3mm-performance-split-toe-surf-boots

What would summer be without a GINORMOUS poncho that you can change under? These extra large terry cloth ponchos from Janga will make your post water beach chills all the cozier. A MUST

Janga Poncho 


Catch author Lauren on the weekends at SUPGirlz & on social classes this summer. Check out her bio;

I love the water, and have ever since my Mother enrolled me in swimming lessons before  I could speak. As a child I wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid when I grew up and as a SUP teacher I feel I’ve actually accomplished that goal in a roundabout way. Finding SUP was a way for me to connect back to my water roots and satisfy my interest in yoga, positive intention setting and paddling around in the water. The SUP community are the most gracious and supportive gang you’ll ever meet, and while you’ll learn so much about paddling you’ll also make friends and learn about our beautiful great lakes by osmosis. I believe SUP can transform your mind, body and soul in the most miraculous and positive ways and I cannot wait to share that gift with my students!