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Amazon Smile: Help in the most crucial points in time of 2020

As well as spreading smiles and donating to a good cause, Smile Amazon has been helping networks in an assortment of ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Spain, the organization has worked together intimately with the Cruz Roja RESPONSE plan through donations and the #AmazonEnCasaFest family celebration coordinated practically by Amazon, as a team with Prime Video and Amazon Music. Altogether, Amazon has given 3.5 million euros to help in excess of 100 associations with an extent of activity in towns where the organization's representatives reside and work.

About "Amazon in the Community"

Amazon is focused on aiding more youngsters and youthful grown-ups, particularly those in underrepresented and in danger networks, to approach the assets and abilities they need to construct a superior future. Amazon has a solid spotlight on creating inventive, expansive, long-haul programs that put Amazon's assets and business culture to viable use. A portion of these drives centers around moving and expanding the entrance of the most youthful to training in software engineering and science, innovation, designing, and math (STEM); as well as projects pointed toward covering the quickest necessities, such as an attempt to give answers for families in weak circumstances through donations to food banks and different associations zeroed in on addressing fundamental requirements; and worldwide help drives for individuals in need who have been impacted by cataclysmic events.

About Amazon

Amazon is directed by four standards: center around the client as opposed to the opposition, and energy for development, a guarantee to functional greatness, and a drawn-out vision. Client surveys, 1-Click shopping, customized suggestions, Amazon Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are a portion of the spearheading items and administrations presented by Amazon. For more data, visit and follow @AmazonNewsES.

About SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages, present in Spain starting around 1967, is a global, private, non-benefit, interdenominational association that helps kids and is autonomous of any political direction. It was established in 1949 in Imst (Austria) and today it is available in 136 nations. In 2016 she was granted the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord.

Its central goal is to serve youngsters and youngsters who are experiencing the same thing of weakness, advancing their turn of events and independence through encouraging defensive family conditions and reinforcing their family, social and local area organizations. Attempts to reinforce weak families so they can appropriately focus on their kids; safeguard youngsters who have been denied parental consideration, giving them a defensive family climate in which they can grow up feeling adored and regarded, and go with youngsters in their course of development and autonomy.

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