5 Ways to Save the Water

If you’re a water lover keeping your favourite lake, river and of course, ocean clean is an important issue you probably already get excited about. With all the damage being done to our water now is the time to help spread the word about what we can do to keep our water clean and useable for generations to come. If you need more proof that we don’t have any more time to waste look into the Red Tide Bloom along the coast of Florida or The Orca Whales that are slowly dying off due to famine and poisoning. Get helping now with some easy steps.

  1.     Ditch the plastic.

If you’ve been down to the beach, you’ve seen your fair share of bags, wrappers and cups scrawled along the sand. Our animal friends end up consuming the garbage and ultimately dying off because of it. To limit your impact choose reusable water bottles, cloth bags, glass straws and recycle always.

(We love these reusable bags from Ecobags)

  1.     Take Care of the Beach

Go one step further by organizing a beach clean up, a beach side tree planting and always take garbage off the beach with you. If you’re exploring the ocean do it without interfering with the wildlife and the coral. Spread the word about keeping the beach clean and lead by example. If you pick up garbage, your friends will probably follow suit. Never throw garbage into the water.

  1.     Reduce your energy consumption and mind your carbon footprint

           Using an excessive amount of energy has been leading to higher C02 emissions, leading to global warming issues. There’s almost no area of life that isn’t affected by wasteful energy use. Driving, meat production, poor home heating, purchasing things you don’t need and air travel all contribute to the earth’s rising temperature. Reducing in all areas of your life and doing things like eating a veggie based diet and walking instead of driving can make a big difference.

(The more the temperature rises in the water the less likely the survival of all living things in the water is.)  

  1.     Learn about the unsustainable fishing practices

At this point many of the fishing practises out there cast large nets that pick up everything they can including hundreds of species of sharks, turtles, and other fish- leading to the devastation of those animals and their eco systems.  While many companies like The Western and Central Pacific skipjack tuna fishery carry the MSC’s blue label those same boats have been caught using unsustainable methods to also catch non blue label fish as well. It makes you wonder if eating fish is worth it at all?

(Overfishing is causing the Orcas to starve. Are your tuna tacos really worth that?)

  1.     Get Involved in your community

Look into the the water policies of your local official before voting and contact City Hall (or local representatives) to let them know you support Lake and Marine (if you live by the Ocean) conversation projects. You also have the option to only visit restaurants that support sustainability.

(Help keep our water clean and protected)

  1. Do your research

The oceans have been calling out to us to pay attention to our overfishing, pollution, and consumption. The more you learn about what the consequences of our daily habits and choices are  the more you’ll want to learn what you can do to help. The earth belongs to all of us and without the Oceans we can’t survive. Let’s do our part to keep them clean!