Our Original location at Hubbard (pinned in red below) is a great mix of parking, park, bike path, boardwalk, beach, protected rock cove, and is the perfect water launch spot for accessible paddles to Ashbridges Bay or all the way to the Scarborough Bluffs.

Directions for Hubbard & Maclean (Kew Balmy Beach):

Check out the location here : Map Link 

You can get here by taking the TTC Queen St Streetcar (501 East) all the way to Maclean Ave. Walk one block south to the beach.

If you are driving, there is free parking on Hubbard Blvd and in our neighbourhood surrounding the meet up location.

Please note there are no change rooms or no bathrooms close by. We are meeting you at the beach/park area in front of 88 Hubbard Blvd (by Hubbard and Maclean Ave at KEW Balmy Beach) Toronto (not at this house, across the street on the grass area). You may hold up class if you are late, so please allow extra time to get to the meeting spot. Bring a change of clothes and a towel. We can lock stuff up for you but a towel will help to change if you want to after.

Here is a link on where to meet, you can wait on the green 4 sided bench.

10439032_1029618087057034_6163323501324572894_nSUPGirlz Kids Camp 2016


Our new ABYC location (Ash bridges Bay Yacht Club) is great too! There is free parking, bathrooms, showers, a restaurant, and calm water to have SUP yoga classes and first time beginner classes along with many other classes. No rentals are given out at this location. Feel free to enjoy your day with us on the grounds of ABYC before or after your class.

Directions for Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club (ABYC):

Check out the location here :  Map Link 

If you are driving, you will need to be buzzed in or given a code to park within the grounds of ABYC. If you do not have your code please just buzz the office at the entrance and tell them you are there for a SUP class.

Once inside head to the right torward the water to the SUPGirlz new board house marked by a sign.


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We will be able to lock up any personal belongings for you while we are on the water.

Please arrive dressed & ready a few minutes before class time.