Paddleboarding is super fun and everyone should give it a try but there are a couple things you should know beforehand to make it an enjoyable first experience.

Will I be able to SUP?

We welcome people of all fitness levels to try out SUPing, but:

1. All students must be able to swim.

2. Students need to be 10 years old.

How do I sign up?

A full listing of class times can be found here. You need to sign the waiver and pay on our system and can pick your class and register in the same transaction.

How much does it cost?

A full listing of our rates can be found on our web site.

Normal prices are $79 (ON SPECIAL NOW FOR $49) for a First time class and $35 for most classes after that, rentals $25 and you get discounts for buying pass packages of 5 or 10. Summer series packages $300-$350

Where do we meet? How do I get there?

59b0c2a2-690f-432c-8bf3-858091533e70We now have two locations located in the Beaches of Toronto!

Make sure you know which location to meet up at for your class- Classes can switch locations depending on weather, so check the day you are coming in our class schedule!

Directions for Hubbard & Maclean (Kew Balmy Beach):

Check out the location here : Map Link 

You can get here by taking the TTC Queen St Streetcar (501 East) all the way to Maclean Ave. Walk one block south to the beach.

If you are driving, there is free parking on Hubbard Blvd and in our neighbourhood surrounding the meet up location.

We don’t have bathrooms onsite at Hubbard/Maclean– public bathrooms are located a 10 minute walk either way down the boardwalk.

We will be able to lock up any personal belongings for you while we are on the water.

Please look for a 4 sided green bench and a bunch of SUP boards to the right of  Maclean Ave on the grass before the sandy beach. You can sit and wait there.

Please arrive dressed & ready a few minutes before class time. 

Directions for Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club (ABYC):

Check out the location here :  Map Link 

If you are driving, you will need to be buzzed in or given a code to park within the grounds of ABYC. If you do not have your code please just buzz the office at the entrance and tell them you are there for a SUP class.

Once inside head to the right torward the water to the SUPGirlz new board house marked by a sign.

You will have access to the change rooms, bathrooms, and restaurant before and after your class. Enjoy and spend some time with us and the other members of this private club!

Please arrive a few minutes before class time ready to SUP!


How should I dress?

Yoga clothes, wetsuits, & bikinis are all appropriate. Wear what you will feel the most comfortable in if you are wet. Shorts, tank top, and maybe a windbreaker will work too.

May & June: the water is still quite cold. You can wear a wetsuit or just the neoprene booties on your feet.

July & August: It’s summer! Come in your bathing suit or yoga clothes.. Whatever you are comfortable in. Just remember you will probably get a bit wet sitting on the board at least.

September & October: the water is getting colder. You can wear a wetsuit or just the neoprene booties on your feet. Specialized clothing is also an option.

Why was my class cancelled?

Due to weather and water conditions, we may need to cancel a class up to an hour and a half prior to start of class in which case you will be credited and can reschedule a class. We want you to have the best possible experience – it’s not fun to learn in high winds and choppy waters. Sometimes these conditions exist even if it’s sunny and warm out.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

If you need to cancel a class, a minimum of 24 hour notice by phone, email or text message is required to receive full credit toward rescheduling a class.

What if I have my own SUPboard? 

We don’t offer discounts for people with their own boards. We have over 30 different boards for you to try and keep up to date with the newest boards and brands. You will be able to advance more quickly if you try lots of different ones!

Can I book a lesson for my own group? 

We love getting groups of people together that already know each other for team building, bachelorette, birthdays, or other special occasion fun. Email us for group pricing –

Can I bring my child?

Private lessons for you and your child to learn together can be booked for $150. Email us to for more information or to schedule –