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If you are new to SUP a “First Time Class” is highly suggested before you come to any other types of classes offered. *You also must know how to swim, not necessarily well, but you will not panic if you fall in the water. We do aim to keep everyone dry but bring a change of clothes, just incase.
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Surf/ SUP/Race series weekly classes for 5 weeks start in June. Level 1 & 2  Are you ready to take your SUP or surfing to a new level?  Try our 5 week Surf/Race/SUP series with the same people,  getting a wide variety of surfing experience through studying and talking inland, doing balance exercises and practicing pop ups and how to get out over waves. When we are in the water you are expected to try out more radical manoeuvers on your board. Expect to fall in the water way more than any other class we have. Wetsuits are mandatory, as the water can tend to be very cold, wavy, and maybe not so inviting at times. We aim to have fun, exercise and teach you to SUP surf. Check this document for more info: 

Rentals, $25/hr or $200/10 1-hr rentals $25 rentals (link here) – Choose your board and paddle and cruise on your own!


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